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Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Fantasy Football.

Fantasy Football . . . Mayhem . . . Community.

The Ching Chang Chong Leagues.
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This is the community for the Ching Chang Chong fantasy football leagues.

Ching Chang Chong is an ideal set forth by sauce1977.

The fantasy football experience is best served with a heaping plate of points and a balanced meal.

CCC leagues incorporate the use of individual players on offense, defense, and special teams. CCC strives to provide a fair and balanced attack. Your best player does not determine the championship. Strategery outweighs the outcome of the fantasy draft. To win, you must play through the season.

More starting slots, more points, more balance, more chance, more fun.

A mission statement of sorts rests here.

We currently have five leagues.

Ching Chang Chong #1

Ching Chang Chong #2

Ching Chang Chong #3

Ching Chang Chong #4

Ching Chang Chong #5

This is also a community for discussion of fantasy football.

You don't have to be a member in the CCC to join. Feel free to ask fantasy football questions. All fantasy leagues do different things, and this is just one clan of many. Make sure to communicate the details and particulars of your particular league.

This is also a community for clever parodies, arguments, laments, negotiations, and everything else that happens to grow from fantasy football. Fantasy football is mental masturbation and a way to make the hours pass faster at work. Let's face it . . . you're not always working.

You know what they say about all work and no play.

Dull Boys and Girls.

Ching Chang Chong League Logo

League Logo, Super Premium Edition.

2006 Super Premium Logo Edition

Dr. Sauce1977 Strangelove, Founder and Leader.

Dr. Sauce1977 Strangelove - CCC Commissioner, Founder, and Mad Scientist.

"Ching Chang Chong, Bitches." - League Motto

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